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draper-lake-trail 04062020

draper-lake-trail 04062020


draper-lake-trail 04062020

9657 Levin Rd Suite 220, SIlverdale, WA 98383


  • ico-y-knife.pngCheese Coffee Caf Downtown
  • ico-y-knife.pngLiu Chinese Fast Food
  • ico-y-knife.pngVinaigrette
  • ico-y-knife.pngGarcias Kitchen The Original
  • ico-y-knife.pngRoute 66 Malt Shop
  • ico-y-knife.pngBottger Mansion of Old Town
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngBottger Mansion of Old Town
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngLiu Chinese Fast Food
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngBottger Mansion of Old Town
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngLiu Chinese
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngVinaigrette


9951 Mickelberry

9951 Mickelberry Rd NW #123rd, Silverdale, WA 98383, Hoa Kỳ

Casselberry Art House

City Lights Theater Company

Creative Grounds Bus Shelter

Creative Grounds Bus Shelter
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Oklahoma Community Theatre Association Inc.

Lake Overholser Boathouse and Cafe


Operating under the same Boathouse District/RIVERSPORT umbrella as the Oklahoma River is the Lake Overholser Boathouse, located just south of the historic Route 66 bridge at the lake. Like the Oklahoma River, this boathouse (formerly known as the Route 66 Boathouse) area offers stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, walking and bicycling trails and other new adventures, such as a “stunt jump” free fall, an extreme swing, a climbing wall and a zip line. The area is open June through October.

Looking to get back to nature? You can actually pull that off while in Oklahoma City. Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge on the far west side of the metro is 1,000 acres of hiking, fishing, birdwatching, and communing with nature. If you’re patient and quiet, you can usually spot whitetail deer, beaver, egrets, cormorants and hundreds of species of migratory birds and waterfowl. It’s also a popular spot for kayaking, with rentals available from Flat Tide.

Trailhead Cafe
The Trailhead Cafe is a great place to meet friends before – or after – a ride or run. You’ll find snacks to go in case you need trail mix or an energy bar for the road. Relax inside or enjoy the view from our outdoor seating area. The cafe is also a wonderful place to watch a sunset, and it’s available for private parties.

The Trailhead Cafe is open during Lake Overholser Boathouse hours; check our hours for details.

Yours Truly DC

Yours Truly DC

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  • 20 Minutes of Cherry Blossoms

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